Frequently Asked Questions About Bike Storage

How many bicycles fit inside an ALPEN Bike Capsule?
The unit is custom tailored for one bike, but a second bike can usually fit with the front tire removed.
What kind of bikes fit inside the ALPEN Bike Capsule?
Most standard sized bikes fit in the Capsule, including road, mountain, electric, hybrid, tri, cyclocross, city, fat-tire, cruiser and more. See Dimensions & Specs for detail.
What are the widest handlebars that can fit in a Bike Capsule?
Handlebars up to 32” (812mm) can fit in the Bike Capsule. Bikes with bars over 23”(558mm) wide may need to be loaded with the front wheel turned at an angle for sufficienct handlebar clearance. Bikes with bars greater than 32” can be loaded with the front tire removed and handlebars rotated in line with bike frame.
How much does an ALPEN Bike Capsule cost?
Retail pricing to be announced soon.
How much does an ALPEN Bike Capsule weigh?
Empty weight is approximately 130 pounds
What are the dimensions?
The Bike Capsule is 79″ (2,017mm) long, 53″ (1,334mm) tall and 32″ (818mm) wide.
What material is the Bike Capsule made of?
ALPEN Bike Capsules are made from nearly indestructible LLDPE plastic – similar to kayaks and Yeti coolers. All components and hardware are rust proof aluminum and stainless steel.
Are different colors available?
Upon launch only one color is available, but we expect to add colors in the near future.
How does the Bike Capsule mount to the surface on which it sits?
The Capsule can be bolted down from the inside, so that bolt heads are inaccessible when the Capsule is closed.
When will the Bike Capsule be available for delivery?
Delivery schedule to be announced soon.
Is there room inside to store my bike gear?
Yes, there is lots of room for equipment storage and optional hooks can be installed to hang gear.
How secure is the ALPEN Bike Capsule?
It is extremely difficult to break into a Capsule without highly specialized equipment. However, it is not a strong box, but rather a very effective deterrent to opportunistic bicycle theft.
Can the Capsule be mounted on a car or truck?
It can easily be bolted to the bed of a pick-up truck and we are working on adapters for trailer hitch and RV mounting.
Can the entire Capsule be stolen?
If properly bolted to a hard surface it is very difficult to steal the entire unit, as all four bolts, which are virtually inaccessible, would have to be cut separately.
Will it protect a bike from humid or salty air?
Product testing shows that it will protect a bike as well as a storage shed or non-conditioned garage.
How does the ALPEN Bike Capsule lock and unlock?
The fully integrated locking mechanism is opened with a key. It locks automatically as the door rotates closed, much like the trunk of a car. Commercial units, which are still under development, will be equipped with remote electronic access.
Where will ALPEN Bike Capsules be manufactured?
ALPEN Bike Capsules are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
How are ALPEN Bike Capsules made?
They are rotationally molded in giant ovens in the same manner as kayaks and Yeti coolers.
Are these available for commercial use?
Our commercial grade Bike Capsule remains under development and will be equipped with centralized, electronic access, allowing building managers to efficiently control unit access.
Is there a warranty?
ALPEN Bike Capsules come with a 1-year warranty. See link to Warranty in footer of homepage for details.
Does ALPEN ship outside of the United States?
Upon request we will provide a shipping quote to anywhere in the world.
Can I return a bike capsule if I’m not satisfied?
Yes, bike capsules can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. See link to Shipping & Returns in footer of homepage for details.
Where can I see an ALPEN Bike Capsule?
Once we begin manufacturing, units will be on display across the U.S. at our partner retailer locations. Stay tuned for locations.
How can I contact ALPEN?
We are eager to hear from you. Please reach out via email at or phone at (434) 322-0749