Gift Ideas for Bike Lovers

The holiday season is upon us and you may be wondering about gift ideas for bike lovers among your friends and family. Perhaps you are also an enthusiast, or you may not see the appeal but want to support and protect the cyclist in your life. A thoughtful gift can do a lot to show how much you care. Alpen Storage has plenty of ideas that could make your loved one’s holiday season that much brighter.

What is a Good Gift for a Cyclist?

What do cyclists like? It can depend on the type of bike they ride, the climate in the area where they most commonly cycle, or their personal tastes. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift or other holiday presents, there are some gifts that will likely make any cyclist’s day.

Those who ride their bikes at night or in low-light areas will doubtless appreciate the prospect of spray-on reflective paint. Invisible in regular light, the particles of this paint will adhere to bicycle frames, helmets, clothes, backpacks, even dog leads and collars. It would make a great stocking stuffer.

Another great small gift is a patch kit. This useful little kit can help riders perform emergency repairs on their tires in the event of nails, broken glass, or particularly egregious potholes. There’s nothing worse than having to bring a day of riding to an early close because of a puncture you can’t do anything about.

In a similar vein, a good set of tire levers can be very helpful to cyclists, as can a versatile bicycle multi-tool. Both can help keep your loved one’s bicycle rolling even in the event of a setback.

There are some excellent panniers on the market to help cyclists safely transport the everyday items they need: groceries, gym clothes, childcare supplies, even picnics. Whatever your cyclist loved one’s aesthetic is, there will be a pannier to match it.

Holiday Gifts for Safety-Conscious Cyclists

Perhaps the cyclist in your life gets around in a particularly hazardous city for bicycles: Los Angeles, New York City, or Houston. Or perhaps they’re just very conscientious about their safety gear. Either way, there are plenty of products out there to help keep cyclists in one piece, either by protecting them in the event of collisions or preventing collisions in the first place.

A retro-chic bike helmet could be just the thing for cyclists in the hipster enclaves of Brooklyn, Austin, or Portland. It has a few new tricks up its sleeve, though: a one-handed magnetic fastener to make donning it easier, a secret pop-lock meaning you can pop your U-lock or chain through to keep your helmet safe with your bike, and either vegan leather or nylon straps depending on color.

Front and tail lights are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For example, NiteRider makes the Lumina 600, a super-efficient LED bulb that projects 600-lumen brightness, can be charged by USB and will display the battery run time on demand, and switch to different battery saving modes when needed.

Technological Cycling Gifts

The basic principle of a bicycle hasn’t changed much in the last hundred and thirty years or so. However, over the last twenty years, bicycle accessories’ level of sophistication has exploded. Any one of these technologically advanced items would make a fine gift for someone looking to make their loved one’s holiday a happy one.

A Garmin Edge, a sophisticated touchscreen cycling computer, that can track your progress and the progress of any other cyclists you’re traveling with. It also measures performance in many metrics: Vo2, performance condition, stress score, watts/kg tracking, and more. This computer works in real time to keep you up to date on your progress. It can even track your mountain bike jumps, gathering data on distance and hang time.

For the urban dweller, a rechargable wireless bicycle turn signal could be very effective in ensuring their safety. There is a water-resistant signal unit which goes on the bicycle’s seatpost, and a wireless three-button remote that goes on the handlebar. You can press the left or right button to signal a direction, or the center button to turn on your hazard or strobe light.

Revolights, a system of smart rings of LEDS that are attached to a bike’s rims and synchronize to the cyclists speed, recognizing when the cyclist is slowing down and offering a functional brake light. These striking, futuristic bicycle lights offer 360 degree visibility for a bicycle. They are USB-rechargeable, and compatible with most road bikes that have vintage 27 inch wheels and spoke patterns in multiples of 4.

Top Bike Enthusiast Gifts for Christmas 2019

Whether the bike fan in your life rides a BMX, mountain bike or city bike, there are plenty of bike accessories that you can dazzle them with. Whether it’s a generator and USB charger that attaches to the axle and charges your USB devices while you ride, to a quick-release rear fender that folds out from under a bike seat in the event of wet roads to protect the rider’s legs and rear from dirty water, there are so many quality-of-life options on the market. There are also a great number of bike-themed gifts you can purchase for a loved one. 

  • Bike graphic tie
  • Bicycle-shaped earrings
  • Bike symbol belt buckles
  • Bicycle-pattern pot holder and oven mitts
  • Bicycle print tea towel
  • Bicycle-shaped necklace
  • Bike chain bottle opener
  • Bicycle bedding linen set
  • Bicycle-shaped key rack
  • Bicycle print notebook
  • Bicycle symbol cufflinks
  • Chromatic bicycle print tumblers
  • Bicycle print mugs
  • Bicycle print bowtie
  • Also: t-shirts, tealight holders, cookie cutters, bookends, coasters, wall clocks, pizza cutters, planters, and more.

Alpen Storage for Bikes

These gift ideas are all charming and beneficial for either improving the riding experience of your biking buddy, or advertising their passion to the world, but few will help keep their bike safer when it isn’t in use. Even for the biggest cycling fan, that’s most of the time. What can be done to make sure that your friend or family member’s pride and joy doesn’t get stolen or weather damaged? Alpen Storage can help with that. Our Bike Capsule, composed of highly durable roto-molded polyethylene, is a custom home for almost any bicycle. It provides secure, UV-resistant, waterproof bicycle storage that can be placed indoors or out, in a garage or building lobby or bike room. The Bike Capsule has a graceful, circular, shell-like design that offers both form and function, elevating the bike off the ground by several inches to protect it from extremes of temperature. It even has space for cycling accessories, and an integrated locking mechanism. It measures 79x53x32 inches, and weighs around 130lbs unladen (although it can be bolted to the ground for added security, once you have found a location you favor). Bikes less than 75” long and 46” at the seat can be stored within. Completely rust proof and featuring a shapely, smooth door rotation, this storage solution blends utility, elegant design, and precision engineering to provide the acme of bicycle security.

Alpen Storage wishes you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season and hopes the cyclists among your friends and family get something excellent and useful to unwrap!