ALPEN founder, Eric Pearson, is an avid sportsman with a passion for adventure, the outdoors and good friends. With an explorer’s soul, his endeavors have taken him around the world on bikes, skis, boats, horses, single-engine airplanes and old Jeeps. One such adventure included five years of one of the World’s great bicycle commutes – San Francisco to Marin County via Golden Gate Bridge. During this time, he came to fully appreciate the challenges of storing, maintaining and accessing well-tuned bikes in tight urban living quarters. After his sixth bike was stolen, with others damaged from improper storage, he began thinking about storage solutions for space constrained cyclists, such as himself. Cocktail napkin sketches soon evolved to CAD designs, by way of a chance meeting with an industrial designer on a ski lift in Colorado, and ALPEN was soon born.

In 2015, the budding ALPEN team set out to develop the World’s most innovative bicycle storage solution. The goal was to create a weatherproof, theft-proof storage container beautiful enough to live on the front porch of a luxury home. We took an artistic approach to industrial design, seamlessly blending form and function, to create a user friendly solution with a sculptural aesthetic. We started with a circle, known for its simplistic strength and elegance, and adapted the form to suit our specific need – storing bikes. Equally at home on the deck of your high alpine cabin as it is in an urban apartment complex, ALPEN Bike Capsules are built tough, ready to provide years of stress free bike storage outside of your home or business. Finally, you can reclaim that valuable interior space that has long been occupied by your trusty bicycle.

The ALPEN team now consists of designers, engineers, marketers, attorneys, investors, manufacturing partners and even a business school intern. After years of hard work, ALPEN is finally ready to begin manufacturing and selling the World’s greatest bicycle storage system. We are proud that ALPEN Bike Capsules will be made right here in the USA and shipped directly to our customer’s doorsteps. Pre-orders receive deeply discounted pricing and deposits will be used to offset the cost of our initial production run, so be sure to order yours now before prices rise. We hope that our product will effectively mitigate your bicycle storage issues, allowing you to focus on the glorious benefits of the cycling lifestyle, without some of the old hassles. We welcome your feedback and look forward to introducing more innovative lifestyle solutions in the near future. Happy riding!